About Us

It all started after an accident…

Producing nanomaterials is a challenge as most of the techniques are still in growing stage. During our early studies back in 2007, melt-electrospinning was one option to produce environmentally friendly nanofiber mats at high productivity. We quit our research on a rainy April night since the system was causing frequent electric shocks (45,000 volts) and burns (250°C).

Good questions bring the good solutions: Are there any forces to spin polymer materials into nanofibers?

Answer: Compressed air… Centrifugal forces… Why don’t we utilize from these forces rather than “shocking” electrostatics.
That is how AeroSpinners and NanoCentrinos were born.

Then… Areka became one of the leading suppliers of non-electro nanofiber/fiber production equipment.

Rest of the designs are due to inconveniences…
Now we have plenty of other equipment, products in our portfolio. We divided them as ArekaNano and ArekaLab. ArekaNano includes all our systems to process polymeric/fibrous materials, while ArekaLab is to share our experience in polymer dosage systems, power supplies, filtration units and medical textiles.

Thanks for being our friends there…

Let’s make world great again!