Areka nano products

Aerospinner solution blowing and electro blowing system

Solution Blowing / Electroblowing

AeroSpinners are superior than conventional nanofiber spinning systems, allowing low energy consumption and high productivity as compressed air is used as driving force for fiber formation. AeroSpinners are user friendly devices with a built-in control panel and enhanced operator security.
AeroSpinners are also able to be supported by high voltage power supply and used for electrospinning and electro-blowing applications.

areka melt blowing system

Melt Blower

Nonwovens are versatile and cost-efficient materials. Melt-blowing is a core technique for nonwoven manufacture.
Areka Melt Blower is a lab scale production line for R&D and educational purposes. A total of 200 capillaries are positioned within a 20 cm die. The fabrics are ready for facemask manufacture.

Areka melt spinning system

Melt Spinner

AREKA Melt Spinner to produce polyester, polyamid, polypropylene, polyethylene and other thermoplastic fibers.

areka wet spinning system

Wet Spinner

AREKA Wet Spinner to produce polyaramid, gelatine, cellulose, carbon (precursors) and acyrlic fibers

areka compounder


Compounds to improve and functionalize the performance of thermoplastic materials and our compounder to prepare these compounds are offered to your service. Machine equipment are designed and manufactured when needed.

areka film casting unit

Film Casting Machine

Areka film extrusion line provides production of suitable films for packaging applications in various fields such as food, cosmetics and medical industries. With the laboratory scale film extrusion machine, preliminary studies can be carried out from the desired materials suitable for the usage area, and new products with special features can be obtained without losing much material.
Areka film extrusion line allows you to evaluate the compounds in your hand and obtain film structures with different features.