Gas Filtration Aeros-GF

Gas Filtration Aeros-GF


Long life time

VOC removal from ppm to ppb level

Uniform coating

Air pollutants might be categorized in three groups:

- Aerosol particles

- Bioaerosols

- Volatile gases

Aeros-GF™ Solutions is concentrated on removal of volatile organic compounds and other toxic gases. For that photocatalytic mechanism is utilized. For gas filtration mostly widely used materials are activated carbon laminated fabrics. Despite having high porosity and surface area, those of the activated carbon structures are not preferred due to rapid ageing. 

Aeros-GF™ gas filters are based on innovative photocatalytic mechanism, where light stimulated catalytst particles are used. When they are activated via illumination, electron-hole pairs are generated. Those of the pairs react with gas molecules, which eventually turn into simple carbondioxide and water.  In theory if not contaminated with aerosol particles, PC filters might be used upto 10 years which is 20 times longer than activated carbon media.