Main research areas cover nanofibers, air and water filtration, gas filtration, and composites. It was founded in the Istanbul Technical University laboratories and graduated from the «school» in 2014.
Areka Extrusion Systems


Compounds to improve and functionalize the performance of thermoplastic materials and our compounder to prepare these compounds are offered to your service. Machine equipment are designed and manufactured when needed.

(AREKA C1.0: Twin screw extruder (25mm, 2 pieces))
Characteristic Value
L/D 32
Screw rate Max. 300 rpm
Single screw diameter 25 mm
Half screw length L/D=18
Main motor power 5.5 kW AC
Feedig motor power 0.37 kW AC
Feeding cone 10 lt. (stainless)
Capacity (PVC, PP) Max. 40-60 kg/h
Heating zones 4 + 2 + 1
Pulling motor power 0.37 kW AC
Cutting motor power 0.37 kW AC
Cooling pump MIKSAN AP21 - 210 PUMP, 0.09 KW_2830 rpm
Areka compounder

Fılm extrusıon

Areka film extrusion line provides production of suitable films for packaging applications in various fields such as food, cosmetics and medical industries. With the laboratory scale film extrusion machine, preliminary studies can be carried out from the desired materials suitable for the usage area, and new products with special features can be obtained without losing much material.

Areka film extrusion line allows you to evaluate the compounds in your hand and obtain film structures with different features.

(Lab Scale Polymer Film Casting System)
Characteristic Value
Screw diameter 25 mm
Screw length L/D=25
Screw rate Max. 100 rpm
Max. Operating pressure 750 Bar
Motor power 1.5 kW AC motor+reductor
Feeding cone 3 lt. (stainless)
Capacity (PVC, PP) Max. 80-100 g/min
Length 1000 mm
Type Coat hanger
Max thickness 0.1mm -0.5 mm
Max width 200 mm
Heating zone 1
Roller diameter 140 mm. (cooled 3 pieces)
Pulling motor power 0.37 kW AC
Winding motor power 0.37 kW AC
Areka Film Extruder

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