Main research areas cover nanofibers, air and water filtration, gas filtration, and composites. It was founded in the Istanbul Technical University laboratories and graduated from the «school» in 2014.


It is our privilige to anounce the new member of our Fiber Solutions Series. Areka M-Spinner has production capability of continuous mono- and multifilaments from virgin thermoplastic to compound polmers. The compact size enables its use in research and development environments.

Characteristic Value
Dimensions (HxWxD) 285 cm x 140 cm x 53 cm
Hopper volume 5 L
L/D 25/30
Screw length 65 cm
Maximum extruder temperature 250°C
Die type Circular, Ø0.6 mm
Quench air cabin length 100 cm
3 heatable godets
Godet speed 300 - 3000 m/min
Godet working temperature Maximum 150°C
Areka M-Winder
Winding speed 0 - 3500 m/min
Areka melt spinning line

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