Characteristic values
Humidity range: 20%-80% Rh
Maximum cabin volume 10m³
Water capacity 18Lt
Dimensions(LxHxW) 600x1000x900m³
Suitable for Areka Aero Spinner
Water level and sensor warnings
Long lasting use
Drying Properties
Air flow rate 260m³/hour
INLET tamperature: 18.0-30.0°C
INLET humidity 1.5-8.2g/kg
OUTLET temperature 20.0-30.0°C
OUTLET Specific humidity 1.5-6.0g/kg
OUTLET Temperature accuracy +/-2°C
OUTLET Humidity accuracy +/-4%Rh
External pressure 150at 200pa
External pressure 150at 200pa
Relative to p=1013 mbar and σ = 1.2 kg/m³
Oscillator: 8000h
Maximum cabin volume 10m³
Working temperature 1-50°C
capacity 3Lt/h
Air flow rate 145m³/hour