Our Projects

Main research areas cover nanofibers, air and water filtration, gas filtration, and composites. It was founded in the Istanbul Technical University laboratories and graduated from the «school» in 2014.


 Production of air filters using industrially scalable nanofiber production lines (Turkish Techno Start Ups foundation, Teknogirişim)
 Biocidal air filters for the preparedness of pandemic conditions (Turkish Techno Start Ups foundation, Teknogirişim)
 Production of high pressure vessels using filament winding system ((Turkish Techno Start Ups foundation, Teknogirişim)


 Solid-state dye sensitized solar cell (ssDSC) production and manufacture of an industrally scalable system thereof, ($200,000)
 Production of affordable biocidal air and water filters, British Council


 Nanofibers via Novel Techniques, ($100,000) TUBITAK.
 Antibakteriyel Kompozit Nanoliflerin Santrifüj Eğirme Sistemi ile Üretimi ($20,000) İTÜ BAP Birimi


 Improving Performance of Electret Filters using Melt Additives,  ($155,000), NCRC Core project